Exciting news from the Trierenberg Super Circuit Salon

30th September 2013
Today I received some wonderful news.
5 of my images were accepted into Trierenberg Super Circuit Salon.
You can read about the circuit Here

Salon's can be of big interest to amateur photographers.
A salon is a competitive photographic exhibition. A local club somewhere in the world that is affiliated to FIAP decides to host an exhibition and they invite photographers from around the world to submit images to the exhibition. The images go through a selection process and they are then whittled down by a panel of judges and the remaining selected images are then exhibited. Judging then takes place at the opening of the exhibition and prizes are awarded.
Only a certain portion of images submitted to a salon will be accepted for the final exhibition. This varies, but is rarely more than 1/3rd and can be as low as 10% depending on the salon and the number of entries they receive.

Therefore on this basis I am chuffed that my images have been accepted.