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3 Honorable Mentions

30th June 2016
Today I received wonderful news from 1st Circular Exhibition of Photography

I received 31 acceptances (51%)which included 3 Honourable Mentions.

The HM's were all for Monochrome images which have been captured recently in studio shoots that I have done here in Ireland.

"In my dreams" - a shoot with the wonderful lady Fredau Wallace is the most recent image and this is the 2nd time this has achieved an HM in an international salon. This image also came 2nd in Advanced section of the last competition in Malahide Camera Club. I'm truly delighted with the success of this image.

"From Russia with love" was a studio shoot with Jessica. The hat was a prop in the studio and was one of the last images taken in studio on this day. Hasn't been too successful in international competition yet today it wins an HM - I'll gladly take that.

Finally, an image from a shoot with the super lady Zoi Morgan. "The Veil" was taken in a studio shoot in Belfast during a Fine Art nude shoot, strategically place Zoi on the table with the veil. This is the 2nd time this image has won an HM recently.

Thanks to all the models and the judges.